Consulting Services


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DirectTech Solutions delivers management consulting solutions to business owners, managers and entrepreneurs to help them achieve higher levels of performance in their business.

Based in Montreal, our professional, experienced consultants have worked with clients across Canada and around the world.

Each consulting project is adapted to the particular needs and priorities of Bplan strategythe specific client. We have developed proven consulting methodologies and approaches that we apply to arrive at the best solutions for each client.These consulting approaches have delivered value through improved performance and profitability for many different clients.


Corporate Strategy and Business Plans

Our approach to strategic business plans has been developed from a consolidation of best practices and our extensive experience as entrepreneurs and consultants. We have consistently found that the greatest value from preparing a business plan lies in the strategic planning and analysis process itself, not in the final document.


SNAP Review:

Strategic Needs Assessment and Performance Review

With this comprehensive business diagnostic, we assess your strategic business challengesposition, your plans and objectives and analyze your current performance.

After review with management, employees and customers we will recommend a plan for better results. Call for a detailed client specific proposal or check out the Quick SNAP Review for an initial assessment.

Quick SNAP Review: Business Diagnostic – only $3395

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Transition Planning

Be Better Now and Exit Sooner

We help business owners to plan their transition strategies – building a business that is less dependent on them and maximizes business value prior to their exit and transfer to new management.

Key issues we can help with:

  • Current business position, performance and estimated market value.
  • Potential growth and value enhancement opportunities.
  • Assessing potential successors for management and ownership, including family members.
  • Assessing potential strategic buyers and sales strategies.
  • Developing and negotiating terms and conditions for the transaction and subsequent plans for introducing new owner/managers.


We would be pleased to assist you and your business with creative, practical business solutions. Delivered.