Our Approach


Delivering creative, practical business solutions

Our services and approach to management consulting are all part of what makes us a unique, valuable, and cost-effective resource for organisations that are seeking higher levels of performance.

Our Approach

Our objective is to help you achieve your objectives.

Our only product is a satisfied client.

Our approach is always to understand your business and competitive environment, before undertaking a particular assignment. We then work directly with your management and staff in a focused and results oriented approach. We do not conduct a study and file a report.

The name DirectTech Solutions reflects our original consulting theme of combining effective management with appropriate technology to achieve better solutions.

Direction + Technology = Solutions

It is our experience that the application of good management and the implementation of appropriate technologies present the most significant opportunities for organizations to achieve new levels of success. This is particularly true in the rapidly changing world of the Internet and its associated business opportunities.

Our consultants and business associates offer a comprehensive set of professional resources in qualifications, knowledge, skills, and experience. For any particular assignment we will match our most relevant industry knowledge, our functional and technical expertise, and our personal skill sets to the specific needs of the client. If appropriate, we will also introduce outside expertise in order to consider a wider range of possible solutions.


Satisfied clients are our only product. We believe that this result is assured only if the initial criteria for success are met and the expectations are well defined from the beginning.

For any successful project implementation we have determined that the following five criteria must be met:

  • NEED: a clear opportunity exists to solve a problem or achieve competitive advantage.
  • WANT: the solution is desirable to all management and staff members who will be affected by it.
  • CAPACITY: the organization has the time and budget available for the project.
  • COMMITMENT: management and staff are both determined to meet the project objectives and provide the support required through implementation.
  • CAPABILITY: management and staff are capable of assisting with the analysis and development of solutions and can also support the new processes after the project is completed.

These criteria must all be met for a project to be successful.


Our simple fee structure is based on the value of services provided.  We apply standard fee rates for estimating project budgets.

Fee rates are negotiable, depending on the particular requirements and the total time commitment for each client.  Retainer agreements with minimum monthly time commitments, and short-term assignments with very specific outputs, may be arranged on a fixed-fee basis. Certain assignments may also be accepted on a retainer-plus-contingency basis where DirectTech receives a base rate plus additional compensation based on the results achieved.

Our base rate of $225 per hour for consulting fees is meant as a guideline for estimating project costs, assigning consultants, and defining roles and responsibilities. All assignments will have an agreed budget total for fees charged, based on the consultants assigned and the fee rates applied.

Most assignments will require pre-payment of a portion of the fees before initiating the work. Clients will be invoiced monthly for ongoing assignments. Consulting expenses are normally in addition to fees and are billed at cost. Payment terms are net 10 days.  Terms and conditions for each mandate will be agreed and documented in advance.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Contracts may be cancelled at any time by the client, with fees due only for the work satisfactorily completed.

We would be pleased to discuss with you how we might provide valuable assistance on your current challenge or opportunity.